Naswenda IT Services

Business Analysis

Naswenda has a team of experience business and system analysts. Our resources can add value in analysis of business requirements, business process making and serving as a bridge between business and IT

Application Architecture

Our vast experience in enterprise architecture in general and application architecture in particular positions us well to provide skilled resources in this area.

Systems Integration

Our experience is that big companies generally suffer a lot of data quality, integrity and reliability issues some of which have roots in lack of integration of their IT systems. Having adequately integrated systems contributes to effective decision making as it greatly improves the quality of the information derived from various data points. Systems integration is critical in high quality decision making. We have in depth experience in working on systems integration projects for large companies.

Systems design and analysis

Every good system roll-out begins with a needs analysis phase which is followed by systems design. These steps are the foundation of successful systems development. Skipping these steps or paying inadequate attention to them has led to disappointment and wasteful expenditure for many corporations. Our role as Naswenda is to provide our expertise in system analysis and design to lay a solid foundation for the development and implementation of software solutions.

Web Development

Our software development team will enable your organisation with modern responsive websites that capture today’s markets. We do both web design and development of web applications that required programming & database access including e-commerce sites.