Past Projects

Project Type

Project Description

Business Assessment

Naswenda has been conducting business assessments since 2016.this involves a full analysis of an SSME’s business with the aim of providing support. The business gaps are identified as well as strong points. I support small businesses through mentorship, training and equipment support for the purpose of closing gap they are also advised to exploit their strengths to maximise advantage. Naswenda follow an internationally accredited business assessment methodology. Business assessment have been conducted on behalf of clients including SEFA, STANDARD BANK, The Innovation Hub and Maponya Attorneys.

Mentorship and Coaching

Naswenda business consultants has provided mentorship services to business in industries including Information Technology, facilities Management, Construction, Electrical services. We have rendered these services on behalf of large companies including Rand Water Foundation, Electronic Tolling Solutions and The Innovation Hub.

Consumer Education (SMME)

Naswenda is running a consumer education project where SMME’s are educated on how to manage their risks better.

Impact study

Naswenda was appointed to analyse the impact of an enterprise development programme that our client had run for 4 years. Naswenda used the methodology crystalised as part of the founders master study to analyse the impact from the SMME’s point of view. Naswenda delivered an Impact Study Report which included recommendations of how future enterprise development should be run. The client implemented some of the recommendations.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Naswenda was asked to develop tools for pre-intervention, post-intervention and during-intervention tools for a risk management SMME education project. Naswenda developed and implemented the tool.

Market Linkage

Naswenda resource was responsible for:
1. Influencing the supply chain department of a large company to incorporate procurement process that are inclusive of SMME. The resources provided leadership to the market linkages team, provided strategies for incorporating SMME in the RFP process and actively looked for SMME procurement opportunities within the large company’s value chain.
2. Preparing and developing SMME’s on how to do business with a large entity. This included skilling them up on responding to RFP’s